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After some refurbishment the cottage is now available to book directly with me. It is also listed on Independent Cottages. Highland Council short term let licence applied for. The cottage has been operating as a short term let for 30 years.


March 2019

Thanks to Ken and Neil the cottage has acquired a new roof! Looking very smart and no more chimney leaks.

January 2019

It has been very cold this month but we found a beautiful patch of snowdrops whilst on a walk in Dunvegan woods. We also had a walk to Waterstein head and saw a pair of golden eagles.


December 2018

This is a view of Neist point lighthouse from Waterstein head.


November 2018

This is a photograph of a Juniper bush growing over the wall of an old fank. We saw this whilst on a walk to Dunvegan head.

October 2018

We had a camping trip to Applecross and swam in the sea at one of the local beaches.

September 2018

There were some beautiful sunsets this month. This photograph of the sun setting behind harris was taken from the cottage garden. We managed quite a few local walks. We went for a walk up the Hamera river and saw two golden eagles and a dipper.


August 2018

We had lots of woodland walks this monthand founds lots of chanterells and a few ceps.

July 2018

There have not been many sightings of whales this year, but we came across this Minke whale washed up on the shore at Lorgill. However we saw a pair of golden eagles and a ses eagle while walking along the track from Ramasaig.

June 2018

The sunny hot weather continues. This is turning out to be one of the best summers for years. I took this photograph of the wild flowers in a field in Waternish. We had a lovely walk in this area and were lucky enough to hear a Corncrake.

May 2018

Some really hot weather in the last half of this month. We went camping for a couple of days to Torrin. Found a lovely peaceful spot to camp by the river. Heard snipes drumming in the evening. Went for a swim in one of the river pools and also in the sea at Glasnakelle.

April 2018

Had a day out in the Elgol peninsular, lovely sunny weather. We had a good view of Blaven.

March 2018

Some good days this month. We had a good cliff top walk to Fiscavaig.

February 2018

Some very cold weather this month with strong winds from the east, but we managed to miss out on the snow unlike the rest of the country. Managed a walk by Sueldale lochs and saw our first primrose.

January 2018

A lot of snow this month, however it did not stop us from getting out. There were some beautifol cold crisp sunny days. We did another walk to Waterstein head. There were spectacular views of the outer isles.

December 2017

MacLeods tables look spectacular in the snow. We walked to Ardroag and saw some curlews and golden eye ducks. We also had another good walk to the hidden valley at Stein, saw two great northern divers fishing in loch and as dusk came we saw a bat hunting by the river.

November 2017

We had our first fall of snow this month. Had a really good walk to Waterstein head and got a good view of a pair of golden eagles hunting rabbits.

October 2017

Some better weather this month. We had a lovely walk to the beach at Fiscavaig. We also had an outing to Raasay where we walked to Hallaig. We saw a sparrowhawk being mobbed by two hoodie crows.

September 2017

We had a visit from a sparrow hawk in the garden. I managed to get a photograph of it on our garden wall. Went for a walk to Bharcasaig, picked some hedgehog mushrooms and then went on to Leanish woods where we found some horn of plenty.

August 2017

We went for a walk to Talisker bay to do some beach combing. Saw a pair of golden eagles above the track on the way. Plenty of interesting pieces of driftwood on the beach.

July 2017

Mixed weather this month, some good sunny days and some wet and windy ones. We had a good walk to the cave of gold near Bornesketaig. It was a good clifftop walk with interesting rock formations. We also did a walk round Waterstein from Oisgill, saw a pair of Buzzards, stonechats and a group of 8-12 gannets.

June 2017

We had two weeks of warm sunny weather. Managed a few swims in the pools up the Hamera river. Good sightings of golden eagles above MacLeods tables. The fishing has improved since the Mackeral has appeared in the loch. Found our first chanterells of the season in Dunvegan woods.

May 2017

A great improvement in the weather this month- very sunny and clear with cool easterly winds. the eagerly awaited cuckoo is already driving us nuts by calling in our garden at 4am, continuing at regular intervals all day until sunset. There has been a regular visitor in Milovaig over the past few weeks. An old stag has been browsing on the crofts. It is quite tame and is not bothered by people and passing cars.

April 2017

Migrants arriving through the month- larks, meadow pipits, wheatears, willow warblers, sedge warblers and finally swallows. Mostly rather cold but dry. We cycled the Great Glen 24/25th. Fort Augustus to Inverness hard going in hail, sleet and snow!

December 2016

We had a cold spell earlier in the month but now it has turned very mild with strong winds before Christmas and a lot of rain. We managed a few walks this month one of which was a walk to Talisker bay, stopping for lunch at the "Oyster Shed" for lunch.

November 2016

Managed to get a good sighting of a golden eagle as we walked along the top of the cliffs at Oisgill Bay.

October 2016

The weather has been quite good this month and we managed quite a few local walks. One of our favourite walks is to the trig point at Waterstein head.

September 2016

A mixed month of weather with a lot of windy days and some bright warm sunny days. It has been a good month for picking mushrooms with plenty of chanterelles and hedgehog mushrooms in the woods but very few field mushrooms. Found a rare fungi in Dunvegan woods acording to the books it looks a bit like "Clavaria rosea" but is much bigger.

August 2016

Autumn has come early, the heather and Monbrecia look wonderful in the cottage garden. Have only seen one basking shark this year and only two Minke whales, despite the fact that there is plenty of fish in the sea there are a fewer number of sea birds.

July 2016

The weather has not been quite so good as last month but still managed a trip in the boat to the coral beach where we had a pic-nic. The tide was very low so we managed to walk out on the causeway to Lampay island. Picked up lots of shells and saw a pipefish in the shallows. We saw a sea eagle perched on the cliff on the way back.

June 2016

The spell of good weather continues with temperatures in the 20's, managed another trip out in the boat and saw plenty of seals in Dunvegan loch. Not many Minke whales this year only seen one so far.


May 2016

Glorious month of weather, our summer has come early. We did one of our favourite local walks up the Hamera river, had a BAR-B-Q and a swim in one of the many pools. saw dippers in the river.

April 2016

We managed to get our small boat in the water and had a trip in Dunvegan loch, stopped for lunch at Galtragil and saw some great northern divers on way back.

March 2016

The weather has started to improve. On a visit to the south of the island we discovered a lovely sandy beach and managed the first swim of the year. The first primroses have appeared, spring has arrived. Saw a pair of sea eagles whilst out fishing.

January 2016

Brave souls came for Christmas and New Year. The weather was extreme but we met them out walking so they were obviously hardy! We've seen the resident eagles between the storms, and put up a few woodcock in the sheltered spots we know. A first was a goldcrest in our lean to greenhouse in early November. We feed the birds regularly and they've certainly needed it this winter. Here's hoping we get an early spring. We are decorating the cottage and away for a long break so it won't be available to rent until early March.

July 2015

A cool spring and early summer mean flora and fauna have been late in flowering and breeding. A compensation was having primroses and bluebells overlapping and lasting well into June. Cetaceans have been rarely sighted yet However, there have been both aurora and noctilucent clouds seen to the north, if you are prepared to wait up beyond midnight! The sea temperature has risen and is now swimmable (without wetsuit). Kathy has a new engraving of white tailed eagles seen above Oisgill Bay and including Neist Point, Waterstein Head and the Hoe. See the Raven press Gallery website.

March 2015

At last an improvement in the weather. We have had some sunny fairly warm days. On a walk up the Hamera river we saw two pairs of white tailed sea eagles and a pair of golden eagles, and we managed a swim in one of the pools.

February 2015

Another wet and windy month, however we managed a few good walks. On a walk to Dunvegan Head we stopped at the old stone fank and saw a pair of golden eagles flying along the cliffs above loch Pooltiel. On another occasion  we were driving to our local post office we saw something that we had never seen before, an ermine, that is a stoat in its white winter coat. Also while driving we came across an otter sitting in the road just a few hundred yards from the cottage.

January 2015

We have had a wild winter, with many storms from SW, W and N. Despite this we have had a good few walks. On a magical Christmas day, calm and sunny, we walked up Waterstein Head and had a good sighting of a golden eagle pair. Other birds seen were long tailed tits at Orbost, hen harrier in the garden, wigeon and goldeneyes on Loch Suardal. A coral beach walk last week featured 26 ringed plover, a female stonechat and two WT eagles.

October 2014

Some rain and gales this month but we did manage to get some walks in the south end of the island. We had a good walk in Armadale castle gardens, but there was not much fungi in the woods. We picked lots of hedgehog mushrooms in Bharcasaig woods and some chanterelles in Dunvegan woods. We lost a lot of fishing days due to the bad weather but the shoals of mackerel are still about. Kathy saw a large dog otter in Bharkasaig bay.

September 2014

We had a nice walk to Sandy Bay at point of Sleat, had a swim in the sea and managed to soak up the last of the summer sun lazing on the beach. The sea temperature was quite warm for this time of year. Saw a pair of black throated divers in the loch.

August 2014

Mixed weather this month. We picked our first ceps and chanterelles in Dunvegan woods, but not many field mushrooms this year. There are not many sea birds about and still no sign of basking sharks, but we had some good sightings of golden and white tailed sea eagles.

July 2014

Saw a pair of Great Skuas whilst out in boat, they were quite tame and came close to the boat for fish. Had a nice walk to Dun Suledale, and saw a pair of red throated divers on Loch.

June 2014

Some lovely sunny dry days. We went swimming in the sea at Loch Eynort and also at Talisker bay. The sea temperature was quite warm. Still no sign of Minke whales, they are very late this year, also the mackerel shoals are a bit patchy, but had some good sightings of white tailed sea eagles. Some good sunsets this month.

May 2014

Still rather cool, though with some fine, sunny days. Today 18th there was a pod of 15 or so dolphins zigzagging boisterously up Loch Pooltiel in front of the cottage, almost to the beach. Looked like they were hunting so perhaps the mackerel are here! We had a great day trip to Harris on the motor bike, taking the first ferry from Uig. We toured the west side of Harris and came back to Tarbert by "the golden road". It was lovely to spend a few hours on Luskentyre beach.






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